Thursday, August 1, 2013

TWHS Reviews Christian Loubarkin Plush Toy From Glamour Mutt

Three weeks ago, my world changed for the better. An 8-week-old, 2.89lb Min Pin named Zora licked her way into me and my husband's hearts, and we have never been so joyous. And tired. And as I write this, she is playing peek-a-boo with me from under the pillow in her crate, while devilishly sharpening her teeth on the hardwood floor...

The gracious folks at Glamour Mutt Luxury Dog Boutique shipped me a Christian Loubarkin Shoe Dog Toy for review, as she already has way too much interest in my shoes! Not only is the toy covered in the trademark red, it is branded with the word Paris; ooh la la!

So of course, any pooch of mine needs to have the best "chew collection", and this is as good as it gets. Available in both Small and Large sizes, my little one will only be 9 lbs when full grown, so she is spoiled with the small one. The squeaking of the shoe makes her even more energetic than she already is, if that's even possible; HA!

And to prove she will be one lucky pup, Glamour Mutt also shipped a Sniffany and Co. Bone Dog Toy
sooooo cute!!!!  So in essence,  shoes, diamonds and a puppy are a girl's best friend.

I am amazed at her progress; two days ago, she climbed her first stair.  Today she's running upstairs.  I never thought I'd be one of those women who spoils a dog with the good life.  But then again, I never had puppy love from a Min Pin before three weeks ago.

Note to self: keep the door to my shoes closed at all times!

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