Saturday, August 24, 2013

Excuse My Cobwebs...

Life has somewhat taken precedence over my social media presence. Between raising a puppy (who is raising Cain on a daily basis), 10-hour stints involving tissue wrap, cardboard boxes and sleep deprivation, my life is a blur of paper cuts, puppy breath and training pads.

And just when I thought I could find my way back to my keyboard, death struck our family.  Again.  My beloved sister-in-law Cherice Clyburn-Knight died Tuesday of a heart attack at age 41, one day before her 21st wedding anniversary to my brother.  Unimaginable grief, right?  Not when her funeral - a huge outpouring within a filled-to-capacity church - proved that she lived a purpose-filled life.  Family, friends and coworkers all celebrated, for she had done what she was put on this earth to do, so God called her Home.

Count it all joy.

Her journey proved to me that I have work to do.  And the tools I need consist of 104 keys.


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