Friday, December 9, 2016

Haute Heels For The Holidays

There's no better time to express your footwear style than the holidays. Whether your style is glam, traditional or sexy, from velvet finishes to skyscraper heels, you'll have a festive time dashing to your holiday events.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide For The Dog Lover

We all know that person; five minutes into any conversation, and the topic turns to their dog.  What it did, what it "said", how cute it looks in its newest outfit...

Present party included. Know me, know my dogs.  Oh well; life is better with dogs. If you really want to stay on our good side, a gift acknowledging Fido is more appreciated than a Chanel box.

But then again, Zora already has a Chanel hoodie and collar. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Holidays and Death

We interrupt this season of jolliness to bring you the announcement that life is so unfair.

In my process of presenting a work-related reference, I pulled up in my Yahoo Contacts a former boss in Memphis with whom I have maintained a relationship with for twelve years.  Thinking I had her phone number in my files (my preferred method of communication is an e-mail, text or DM), all I found was her business e-mail address.  So through the help of Google, I typed in her name and company.  The first result was her LinkedIn account, but my eyes quickly caught the third Google link that shook me to the core; her obituary notice.

Along with the death of Prince, this makes the second time this year I can't speak, write or cry.  At age 47, cancer took her away from two daughters, a fiancé and a successful career  in property management.  She was a mentor to me, and our last e-mail correspondence was in May.  She never mentioned being sick.  But maybe she wasn't then; I'll never know.  Regardless, I regret I never got the chance to tell her that she was the reason I embraced the industry.

This tragic discovery came just hours after I told my husband that the only thing I want for Christmas is a divorce. Yeah I said it, and felt nothing but relief in doing so.  Finding out my mentor had passed was devastating; my marriage, on the other hand, has been on life support for quite some time.

On my Twitter timeline today was the quote, "Forget the mistake. Remember the lesson".  My lesson from this weekend of mourning the death of a marriage and phenomenal woman is to never delay speaking what is on your heart. 

So forgive me if I don't post awesome sales or holiday footwear.  There is more to life than shoes.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kitchen Chic

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The holiday cooking season is upon us, and the scents of mirepoix, cinnamon and allspice fill the air.  While the kitchen is the cook's lab, not only do the right tools make everything better, but they make you want to be in the kitchen turning out culinary masterpieces!



In The Hot Seat

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Shoes may have been the driving force to start my blog seven years ago, but decor has become my co-pilot.

After renovating my home office with an accent wall in my favorite hue of yellow, painting my desk and blinging out my bookcase and switch plates in metallic glitter, there was one thing left to do: find a throne in which to start my next manuscript.

I did find a yellow upholstered arm chair that matches my Hot Sun paint perfectly, and all was right with the world.  Or so I thought, until I uncovered the jewels at Modani Furniture.

Wrapped in an industrial metal coating and studded with silver nailheads, sitting in the Aviator chair's leather seat would make my imagination soar!

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Besides having the most coveted seat in the house, be the first to upload a pic of your Aviator Chair in your home, and enter a chance to win a $500 Modani gift card!

Find Sales on Furniture @

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ladies of Athleisure

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What's black and white and gracing every red-hot fashionsita?  Why, adidas of course! 

The OG of uniforms of rappers from back in the day has made a fashionable comeback, and taken to heights when worn with stilettos on the red carpet.  If you don't have a red carpet event on your calendar, you can still incorporate the athleisure look into your holiday attire as you dash through the season, adding a bit of cashmere, arm candy and fur while you're at it.  

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Solange and Tea

Culture. Calmness. Comfort.  All essentials one needs in the continuous reports of bigotry filling the headlines.

No better time to infuse music from Solange and her aesthetically-acclaimed CD.  Considered to be the 21st century's anthem to Marvin Gaye's 1971 concept album, "What's Going On", Solange unapologetically becomes the voice of the voiceless with the softest falsetto, proving you don't have to be the loudest to be heard.

So do yourself a favor; unplug and sign off from the madness, steep a cup (or two) of tisane and take in the imagery, melodies and lyrics.