Saturday, July 27, 2013

TWHS Reviews Stiletto Network

Sole Sisters.  The merging of the words conjures up a united front of aspiring women that goes beyond the call of duty for one another.

In receiving a review copy of Journalist Pamela Ryckman's book Stiletto Network, I was so inspired that I immediately started contacting sisterpreneurs, Tweeps and fellow creatives before I finished the first chapter!

What is a Stiletto Network? It is a group of like-minded women kicking the staid Good Ol' Boys Club to the curb by networking to achieve career goals and dreams. Whether it's a contact or a solution, we all have something to offer.

Far from a sorority - whose link is sharing the same college accreditation - women from all types of careers and backgrounds willingly step up and reach out to other women striving for achievements. It truly is a pay-it-forward mentality, as I have been blessed for the past seven years with women in my social media path that have given me support and sponsorship.

Ryckman puts it all in perspective, though, detailing the stories of diverse women who utilize the settings of dinner parties and poker nights to network and bond. From interviewing those in corporate positions to foot soldiers on the front lines of fundraising, Stiletto Network confirms that women can and are moving mountains.

Whether she's an aspiring teenager or fifty-something, Stiletto Network is a great book to gift a woman.   And no matter what stage you are in your life or career, this book will inspire and ignite you to start your own network of sisters.

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