Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TWHS Reviews Beverly Feldman Bonita

It has clearly been a rough couple of weeks. But through it all, I received comfort from the most unlikely source; shoe designer Beverly Feldman. A woman of both endless talent and design, she took the time out of her fabulous life to check on me during this time of bereavement.

And what would bring comfort to a shoe lover during these times? Why her Bonita, a floral explosion of style and beauty. The vamp's design reminds me of a meandering butterfly; so gorge! And with a 3.5" heel, it lifts any bland outfit to heights of fashion.

Queen B shipped me a pair of the "bouquet on heels" for a blog review. The packaging alone brought a smile to my heart: a multicolored rose box and vibrant red dust bag were the first presents to greet me as I unpacked the delivery.

I adore the fact that they are mules, a multi-purpose shoe that can carry you through all of summer soirees, from rocking with a pair of white capri jeans to a weekend wedding peeking from beneath a chiffon maxi skirt:

Treat yourself and buy a pair of Bonitas, the quintessential bouquet on heels. I promise it will brighten both your day and outfit.

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