Sunday, November 11, 2018

My Twice-Rescue Baby!

Chance has been on my heart ever since I rehomed him in April, and as of my last post, I was detaching myself from his existence.  But after a frantic call to action for someone to help, the person who agreed to rehome him for the third time GHOSTED on me.  Lollypop Farm, patient as they were with two anticipated pickup dates. told me he had to be removed Tuesday morning, or they would have to continue with their "procedure"...

So I did what any true Dog Mom would do; I SAVED HIM.  For the second time.  There was no way a dog of this quality should be euthanized because of a shelter's misinterpreted "agressive" label.  My baby boy has never met a stranger, and welcomes every person as if he's known them all of his four years of life.  It was fear of being in a strange environment, dogs barking around him as he sat behind bars.  Complete opposite of how I raised him in a loving, crate-free, run-of-the-house world.

I now have my baby back with me.  Any apprehensions the neighbors had when they first saw him were dissolved the minute he ran up to them with happiness and joy.  I respect the fact that some people will never be comfortable around a pit bull, and that is only beacuse the believe the myth of them being aggressive monsters.  So I exit our highrise building via the stairs (yes, we live on the seventh floor, which basically thrust us both into a workout regimen).  But when it come to Chance, I will do whatever it takes.

I am profoundly grateful for the purpose of prayer.  This dog means more to me than most will never know.  I was drafting a manuscript about the year leading up to this reunion, but the pain of pulling that emotional scab off was too much for me while was still mourning his absence.

I now know what my purpose is; to spread awareness of the discriminatory actions towards pit bulls.  Whether it is insurance companies, airlines, or the general public, people will never understand the love of a pit bull until they ADOPT one.  The shelters are overflowing with throways; lactating females that have been used to produce puppies, males that have been used to fight, puppies that are given as gifts without the thought of the patience and commitment it takes to raise one.

As for my baby boy, we're reunited, and it feels so good! His return is unexpected, so if you would like to join in the virtual celebration of his homecoming, click on his Amazon WishList!

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