Friday, August 8, 2014

WIN THIS: A Bottle of Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour!


The decision is in; no bunion surgery for me; WOOT!  But I am still in mourning, after seeing the selection of shoes in Wide width (the alternative option to surgery)...

At least this news will brighten your day.  With Christian Louboutin's launch of his beauty line, the price of his Rouge Louboutin nail colour is a far cry from a pair of his coveted shoes, but at $50, it's still highbrow.  Lovely Amanda at Save Your Sole luxury shoe care is giving you a chance to win a bottle this month!  

Just follow her on Twitter and retweet the contest.  But if you don't want to wait, grab your own bottle of Christian Louboutin Beaute 'Rouge Louboutin' Nail Colour at Nordstrom.

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