Thursday, June 19, 2014

Possible Bunion Surgery?! No Pressure

My absence from shoe blogging has been more to do with mourning than neglect.  With a pending foot surgery looming in my future ("Ma, my bunion is not from my heels, it's from my lineage!"), I have been living life in flip flops.  Cue the violins...

That is, until a podiatrist appointment advised me to stay away from my flip flops and Tieks ballet flats. Turns out the styles of footwear I thought was comforting to my bunion is actually doing more harm than good.   

After my appointment, he wrote me out a prescription for insoles. And suggested I do nightly ice soaks.  But most importantly, he told me I should wear a slight heel to relieve the pressure of walking flat.  Um, Doc, define slight, because my arsenal of heels doesn't teeter under four inches...

Looks like a summer shoe shopping spree is prescription for relief!


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