Friday, December 20, 2013

TWHS Reviews Still Standing Foot Spray

Show me a woman with a shoe closet, and I'll show you a woman with several pairs of heels that never see the light of day. Not that she doesn't like them; they just bring new meaning to "killer heels" because they kill her feet. Present party included.

 And in this holiday season, what's fancier than an apron tied and stilettos in the kitchen, as you go full Martha mincing, whisking and baking? Until your feet fail you and you surrender the heels...

That was me last week, so I'm head over heels about Fellow Stiletto Intellectual Lyn Butler shipping me her Still Standing Foot Spray for review.

The menthol-based spray is 100% organic with eco-distilled Arnica and Aloe, along with an ingredient called Ilex whose history stems from ancient Paraguay Indians' useage due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Do know what it's not; a miracle in a can. If you have blisters, cuts or ill-fitting shoes (translation: TOO SMALL), Still Standing should not be used. Having said that, Still Standing is either applied onto your bare feet or onto your stockings.

There is even a purse size to tote along to your New Years celebration. Think Spray, Dance the Night Away (repeat every 2-4 hours if needed)!

For me, I'm in the home stretch of holiday baking.  But now I have happy feet as I make doggie bags full of cookies for the neighborhood pooches. Why? Because I have not had to lower my standards by wearing flats while frosting.

Now that's what you call tidings of comfort and joy!

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