Monday, December 30, 2013

TWHS Reviews Machu's Blend Herbal Dog Tea

As I type this, my seven-month-old Min Pin is looking over my shoulder. Clearly she was an editor in her former life...

In the five months of raising Zora, we have watched her grow like a weed, drop puppy teeth, go through some kind of defiant, teenage daughter phase- all while magically enhancing our lives.  But through these growing memories, what echoes most is her talent of offering silent and deadly gifts.  Yes, the pup delivers the most amazing flatulence.  Not to mention graphic carsickeness.

The gracious folks at California Tea House shipped me a sample of their Machu's Blend Herbal Dog Tea to review. Inspired by and named after their Great Dane dog, the herbal tea is a blend of Chamomile, Ginger Root, Fennel Seed, Skullcap and Calendula. Touted to enhance the skin and coat of dogs, as well as improve digestion from dry food and aid in the reduction of gas, it sounded just like my cup of tea!

Given the fact I have spent this holiday season baking all-natural doggie treats for her, the herbal tea compliments my beliefs in raising a holistic hound.   I began the daily cuppa for her Christmas week, brewing 1/2 teaspoon and allowing to cool completely before serving.  Consider it a gift for us...

After one week of her lapping it up, I am happy to report no more gas!!!! 
But the diva in her still fills the air.

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