Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Death and Diagnosis

Today my father died, on the same day I found out that my husband of eight months' biopsy result shows he had carcinoid tumors (translation: slow-growing cancer) that have advanced to his blood vessels.  Not quite the way I expected to start a new year.

So I will be absent awhile as I process all that has come my way.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss and for your husband's diagnosis. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers...
    God bless you and your family!

  3. Oh my dear sister. I pray for you. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful woman who gives me such joy daily with her e-mails. Thank you for her every breath. Thank you for her dad and the wonderful memories she has of him. Bless her Lord as she grieves and smiles at the times gone by. Help her to wonder at eternity and all that is being prepared for her there.

    I pray for her dear sweetheart, that he be healed completely. I speak healing into him in the Name of Jesus and I rebuke you cancer cells. Get out of him now, in the Mighty Name of the King of Kings. You are rendered null and void and incapable of destroying his body. Thank you Father because You have heard me. Thank You that we are more than flesh and blood but spirit. Thank You that there is so much more to us than just now. But we thank you for these moments, help us to live in them, even hard ones, that we may know that this too will pass and ultimately all will be well.

    I glorify Your Name for giving me the opportunity to love out in this way and love into this woman. Bless her Lord and make her even more of a blessing than she has been, with her wonderful calling of the joy of shoes!

    We love you Lord. In Jesus Name.

    Love you sis,
    Princess Ayo

  4. As we sift through all good shoe blogs twice per week, we come across your sad and moving message. We sincerely wish you a lot of strength in these difficult times and we hope to see you back among us soon!