Saturday, December 8, 2012

TWHS Reviews Esque Cranberry Candle Globe

It's been an emotional week for me. After visiting my father in the hospital, who is recovering from two seizures and a stroke, I feel the need to step back and calm my senses. The folks at shipped me the perfect item for review to do so.

The Cranberry Candle Globe is a unique scented candle, housed in a blown glass globe that contains shimmering swirls of gold that are spun into rich hues, creating a delicate web.

The packaging within a black satin gift box makes it ever-so-pretty.  Lighting it for the first time this morning, I placed it on the mantle.  At first I thought the flame had blown out because I did not see the glow. But as in life, some things are worth the wait...

After an hour or so, I started to receive delicate wafts of the mysteria it is scented with.  It is a slow buildup to the glowing effect, but a visual treat to the scent filling the air.  At this time, I felt it was the perfect ambiance to sit down and address my Christmas cards, because the simple act of sending a written note in the mail is one of the priceless treasures we tend to overlook in a gadget-infused world.

My father's health is a reality I will have to face gradually.  But it's comforting to know that the visits to hospital will be followed with moments of gratitude and reflection, thanks to my 50-hour burning Cranberry Candle Globe.

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