Friday, January 20, 2012

TWHS Reviews ARCH Nail Oil

I'm officially into the countdown for looking my best from head to toe for my wedding. The FH and I are successfully dining on fresh vegetables, upping our water intake and blocking out the chatter of sweet tooth temptations (okay, so I weakened and baked a sweet potato pie at midnight, but I'm only human).

And while I know the soles of my wedding shoes will be dipped in Tiffany Blue, I'm still torn on what nail color to wear (L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish, "I Will" is a contender). But at least I know that the regimen to get my nail beds in tip-shop shape will be ARCH Nail Oil.

From the growing line of products by podiatric surgeon and shoe lover Dr. Krista Archer, I was shipped a bottle of ARCH Nail Oil for review. It is 98% natural, made with tea tree (a natural anti-fungal) and chocked with essential oils, shea butter and nut, coconut and jojoba oils to protect and nourish nails before, after, and in between pedicures.

But the best news about the oil was discovered when she responded to one of my tweets about my FH being a diabetic; according to Dr. Archer, diabetics can prevent wintertime heel fissures that could lead to infection by layering ARCH Oil & Creme.

Meaning both he and I will be well-heeled on our wedding day.

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