Thursday, October 27, 2011

TWHS Reviews Sole Savour Foot Creme

Playing footsie may not be a spectator sport, but for those participating in it, negative experiences can scar you for life.

When the maker of Sole Savour Foot Creme shipped me a sample for review, it sounded like the perfect way to maintain the softness that is usually robbed by winter dryness. And the fact that it's void of parabens, sulfates, synthetics and dyes makes it even more desirable for those of us who are conscious of not only what goes in our bodies, but what goes on it.

Created by former marathon runner (and current pedicure lover and podiatric surgeon), Dr. Krista A. Archer is also a fellow Stiletto Intellectual. Truly a woman who knows that fashion can sometimes do damage to our soles. Sole Savour Foot Creme is the first product in Dr. Archer's ARCH line.

But seeing how my FH was pulled over for speeding, sick all week with a scratchy throat and head cold - a Mercury Retrograde type of a week - I decided to cater to him with the creme first. After soaking his feet in a pedicure bomb foot bath, I massaged Sole Savour Foot Creme onto his tired feet.

The scent is light and airy, and definitely useable by both men and women. The air pump produces streams of the creme, proving that less is indeed more. But his reaction to the application was priceless: "This is nice and soothing; it feels and smells reeeeally good." I actually had to contain a giggle when I saw how his toes were curling!

Ahem; let's just say if I didn't already have the ring, using Sole Savour Foot Creme would have turned this into an engagement pedi! Needless to say, Sole Savour is man-approved...

My FH got out of the his speeding ticket with a warning, but now since his soles have been softened, hopefully he'll have less of a lead foot.

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