Friday, February 12, 2010

Who Needs Cupid When You've Got Cupcakes?

Primal Elements Cupcake Foaming Bubble Bath from P.J. Chilcottage

Forget love; a cupcake is in the air. And on my mind, body and soles...

To feed my appetite for the hand-held jewels, Arizona-based P.J. Chilcottage - one of the gracious sponsors of my Cupid, Coffee and Cupcakes book signing - shipped me their collection of cupcake bath products to review.

The Primal Elements Cupcake Foaming Bubble Bath is, simply put, dessert in a bottle. The only missing element from my cupcake bubble bath was a chandelier. Oh, and maybe a champagne-filled flute and a French-style princess phone. In pink.

The smell of yellow cake served as a sedative (and it doesn't hurt that the bubble bath is sodium lauryl sulfate and paraben-free). Slightly scented, yet rich enough to make a difference.

Now when it came to the 10 oz tub of Primal Elements Moisturizing Sugar Whip Cupcake Scrub, I wasn't so impressed. The scent was not love at first whiff; matter of fact, I could not detect any scent of yellow cake. But as an exfoliator, it did feel good on my skin without being overly grainy. Within the bubble bath, I took liberty to slather the sugar whip from my neck to my toes, and as most women will agree, the act of a self-pampering is still worth the indulgence.

In conclusion, the Cupcake Foaming Bubble Bath is both the perfect gift to give and receive. Try pairing it with a box of bitty cakes, like my other sponsor Cupcake Dreamery, the gourmet cupcake shop that allows you to customize your cupcakes!

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