Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'd Like To Get A Few Things Off My Chest

My seven-stone marquise diamond always has me wrongly labeled as married. (And no, it's never used as a "blocker" ring; it is always worn on my right hand.) Blame it on the never-ending corrections I make (No, I don't have a husband; it would be on the other hand), blame it on clueless guys with lame pickups - hell, blame it on Beyonce - but I stopped wearing it.

Then the folks at the retro site Truffle Shuffle - a sponsor for my book signings - shipped me their Supergirl Logo Ring to wear at the signings. Contrary to what one unsuccessful suitor thinks (he swears I brandish my singleness like a banner), it is hardly a replacement for my diamond ring to mark my Single status. It's merely kitschy-chic and coordinates with my book cover. But I have to confess that I, like Supergirl, have been known to shun serious commitments, opting to put my super career first.

And speaking of books, if you ever want to know what it feels like to be naked to the world, write one. A self-published one, to be exact. Every ounce of angst will surface like that zit the day before a public appearance. Felicia Who?

Draft press release. Pitch. Follow up. Confirm. Show up. SMILE. Repeat. It's enough to make my virginal tongue take a swig of absinthe. But that would just make me write more. "When is the book's sequel coming out?" I've been asked. Now you're just being mean. Another book is not even doable right now, with every brain cell reserved to marketing the first one...

Even when it seems my virtuosity can't be seen (or my creative voice heard) over the deafening noise of the viral self-promotion, shock-and-awe-ism of YouTube, Facebook and jumpoff scandals, I am Secure in knowing that online book sales trump low-attendance book signings on any given day.

Writing is a stage that has blessed me with an audience of readers for decades. This blog has branded me for the last four years. Knowing that I don't embrace the thought of being labeled, I still graciously accept the title of shoe blogger. But those who know me know better; I am a writer who also happens to blog about shoes. Lots and lots of shoes, according to some who have visited this site.

Now before you attempt to toss me into the same shoebox with the growing sea of
Stiletto-wielding bloggers, there is a method to my shoe madness. But I don't have to tell those of you who bought the book, now do I? Nor do I have to address the fact that Kryptonite is not the only force that can bring a superheroine down.

Life can be so mystical; so much so that at times I feel I am able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. And other times, I can spiral out of control. In a free-fall, tightrope-walk-gone-horribly-wrong kind of way. Whatever moment (or mess) I find myself in, the journey places me right where I need to be.

After all, I never said I was perfect.
Just Serendipitous.

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