Thursday, July 15, 2010


Thanks to KARMA California Brut, you can use your flutes creatively!

Some say it's a bitch. Others vow it will bite you. Hard. All I know is that, when good, it flows effervescently through the universe.

Of course, I'm talking about karma. So when the gracious company KARMA California Brut sent me samples for a blog review, it had to be an energy pull. Packaged in a 187 ml, portable-size glass bottle, it looks nothing like your typical split of sparkling wine. With a screw-off cap, the company touts the bottle is fashioned to resemble a champagne flute (more about that later).

With KARMA in hand, "Fe-Squared" (my friend Felecia and I) popped whole grain popcorn and lifted our single-serve bottles to toast to - well, good KARMA! LOL Seeing that the company's marketing encourages consumers to drink directly from the bottle, we didn't have the need to pull out the stemware, opting to pair the drink with the light snack of popcorn (try drizzling the popcorn with truffle oil).

Made from hand-picked grapes in California's Central Coast, the first sip was indeed a tart attack (acidic), but the pear and melon soft finish was refreshing to my palate.

As we sipped, Felecia drew attention to the fact that once the screw cap is off, she would have to hold it as she drank, which would make for a cumbersome situation at a social event (i.e. cap on, cap off). She thought that the idea of affixing a sealed, retractable champagne straw to the outside of the bottle would be more aesthetically-pleasing to a female, thereby making it très chic, as opposed to drinking directly out of a bottle. Points well taken...

For me, I see KARMA as the perfect bottled luxury to enjoy during a Netflix movie night, picnic beverage or as a convenient alternative to opening a full bottle of bubbly. Would I serve it at a soirée? Probably not; but it has nothing to do with the taste and everything to do with the packaging. The style of the glass bottle, had it been a complete cylinder glass tube from neck to bottom, and the simple switch of making the cap gold instead of brown, would elevate the sexy into stiletto intellectuals carrying the bottle as if it were the latest fashion accessory. I do give KARMA kudos for being eco-chic, however, as the packaging is made from recycled and recyclable glass and aluminum.

Overall, KARMA gives you exactly what you deserve: the ability to have good taste while living a good life. I'll toast to that any day!

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