Wednesday, April 30, 2014

TWHS Reviews Tintalize Concealer for Feet

Flawless.  Beyonce has made it a national declaration, but not many of us really are.  And as much as I embrace Dove's mantra, "My flaws are fabulous", the arrival of sandal-baring season puts issues on full display.

Case in point; peeling off the layers of wool socks and boot liners from winter have revealed the ills of unsightly foot veins; poo!  Not necessarily what I want to have competing with my bejeweled flat sandals. 

The lovely owners (and fellow shoe lovers) from Tintalize shipped me a tube of their foot concealer for review. Created out of necessity by BFFs of 30+ years, makeup Artist Allyson Carey and Investment Banker Sydney Dillard knew the answer was a smudge-proof/waterproof/sweat-proof/rub-proof foot makeup to conceal corns, veins, uneven skin tones, tattoos, abrasions, scars and any other unsightly issues.

I am tossing confetti and baking cupcakes, because for years I have tried concealing flaws with my regular foundation, only to have it smear on my shoes and furniture. Available in seven shades, Tintalize is compatible for all skin tones - including women of color - which other foot makeup lines miss the mark. I was shipped the shade 'Allyson' for my copper-penny complexion.  Here are the results:

Foot Before Tintalize 

Foot After Tintalize

To test it even further, I applied the concealer to my calf area that Zora my puppy tends to dig into with her claws during playtime (her pedi is scheduled tomorrow):

Puppy Claw Prints Before Tintalizer

Calf After Applying Tintalizer 

I even slipped on pants over it to walk Zora, lounged while watching TV, and it was still only on my calf at the end of the night!   I'm sold. Get your hands on Tintalize so you can stand tall reciting the Open Toe Sandal Pledge!


  1. Please tell me which color is in the photo above