Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TWHS Reviews Design a Tea Artisan Blends

I love how life gives you the chance to speak your mind, rise to the occasion in heels-

And design your own tea blend. And in case you weren't aware of the latter, allow me to introduce you to Design a Tea, an artisan tea company that allows you to create custom blends, whether you're cuckoo for chocolate or raving for roses. Why should fragrance have all the fun?

And speaking of fragrance, when I received my sample packs for review, the aroma that exuded from the loose teas were enough to make me whip out my prettiest teapot. Created literally from a dream owner  Brian Pfeiffer had, the process of creating your tea is as individual as designing a pair of bespoke shoes: start with a base (black, green, rooibos, or oolong tea)and pick from over 30 flavors or herbs to suit your taste. All teas are 100% organic and packaged with recycled paper products, labels and environmentally friendly inks.

The blends I created are all too fantastic to clump into one review, so I will feature one Design a Tea flavor weekly. This week, I will begin with not a blend but Honeybush herbal tea. Not only a personal favorite because of its health benefits, but like Rooibos (red bush)is a South African tea proving to have just as many benefits of green tea. Let's first rejoice that Honeybush is caffeine-free, as well as being rich in antioxidants, packed with Vitamin C, copper, magnesium, zinc and potassium, yet low in tannins. Did I mention it is naturally DElicious? And steeps into a brilliant hue of red.

I suggest Honeybush for anyone who has a little girl wishing to do a tea party, as the flavor is loved by children. For the holistic-conscious, just one of many benefits the fact that it is ideal for people suffering from insomnia (caffeine-free and mineral component).

Make sure to add Honeybush to your list of teas for a Spring Brunch!

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