Saturday, March 22, 2014

Design a Tea Custom Blends

While the world grips their tea cups in anticipation of the release of the custom Oprah Chai in April, I'm sipping my own custom blend.

As stated last week, Design a Tea is an artisan tea company that allows you to become your own self-proclaimed teaologist. Offering both loose tea and tea bag forms, I prefer the loose teas, simply for the ceremony of tea time.

By choosing from a base tea (black, oolong, green, or rooibos), then choosing from over 30 flavors and herbs, a custom blend is as endless as your imagination.  Not to mention you can name your custom blend, just like Oprah did.

This week, I brewed a pot of my custom blend of Earl Grey Tea with vanilla and caramel.  Caramel was the dominant note at first sip, which is a welcoming way to begin the day with breakfast.  The vanilla and bergamot were more of an aftertaste, yet still married well with the black tea base.  Mild, yet memorable to my palate, I sweetened with agave nectar (tea snob that I am, I am not one to add milk to my tea).

My custom blends are reflective of my temperament (can you say mood teas?). Which is why I chose to sip from my tea cup that reminds me of sunshine.   My Earl Grey with vanilla and caramel blend is fitting for this week's calendar arrival of Spring, while we still wrap up under the grip of Old Man Winter.

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