Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TWHS Reviews PupRWear Plush Toys

Seems that I am raising a four-legged fashionista. It was confirmed when I saw Zora sniffing around my embellished Beverly Feldman zebra print flats (I was able to grab them before her fangs sank into them)...

And while that proved she had good taste, I knew we both were better off with her own. The folks at PupRWear were gracious enough to ship me a zebra print D&G Dorce and Garbaba Shoe Toy for review.

Functional and fashionable, it is a welcome addition to the "toys" Daddy brings home to her, which are comparable to me shopping in a big box store's shoe department.  You get the picture.  Even the squeak isn't as high-pitched as the others.  And as PupRWear states, "Every girly pup needs a selection of heels, just like Mom's!"

But imagine my surprise when I unwrapped the package containing the shoe and found Zora's first "lingerie"; as in a Big Girl Panties and Bra Set! Think of it as La Perla for pooches!

Each piece is a squeak toy, and the paw print on both the satin-trimmed bra and panties is just doggone cute!

Make sure to visit PupRWear for gifts to spoil your fashionable furbaby with!

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