Tuesday, December 3, 2013

TWHS Reviews Tungsten Rings From Modern Design

'Tis the season for gifting, or in my case replacing, seeing how my husband lost his wedding band last Christmas.  But at least he is consistent; he has daily absent-mindedness with his car keys as he heads out to work.

Imagine my glee when the company Modern Design contacted me to do a review from their collection of Tungsten bands. Yes, please; Tungsten is exactly the style of wedding band my husband lost!

The independent jewelry company is based in Los Angeles, and has been a manufacturer and wholesaler of diamond jewelry since 1978 and a proud member of The Jewelers Board of Trade.  Luckily, with over 100 styles they have to choose from, they have the diamond cut he lost.

 The advantage to investing in a Tungsten ring is its resilience (literally scratch-free) and high polish.  What he missed most about his wedding band was the compliments on how the diamond cut caught everyone's eye with its polish and definition.

Upon its arrival, I contemplated about it saving it for Christmas, but I had my husband try it on to ensure its fit.   He immediately noticed the weight was not as heavy as the original, even though they both were 8mm in diameter.  The cut was there, as was the high polish.  He is ecstatic to get his band on his finger again, to the point where he placed it on a chain around his neck.

Whatever it takes.

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