Thursday, June 20, 2013

TWHS Reviews White Lion Tea Honey Pearls

Summertime, and the iced tea is flowing! On the eve of the first day of summer, I am honored to have received a sample jar of Honey Pearls from White Lion Tea for review.

What are honey pearls, you ask?  They are decadent, crystallized honey that's 100% all-natural and void of all artificial ingredients.  Honey, plain and simple.  But only in a swanky form.  Honey Pearls are conveniently packaged in "sticks" (individual packs of one serving each), glass jars and canisters.

And if you think Honey Pearls aren't enough to make you pull out your bone china tea set, the selection of gourmet teas White Lion offers - available in loose, sachets, or gift sets - is as tealightful as the season's harvest: Ginger Peach, Raspberry Truffle and Tuscan Garden; oh my!

I usually flavor my teas with organic cane sugar (namely La Perruche cubes), but Honey Pearls add just the right amount of delicate sweetness to my tea cup.  I enjoy them so much that "pearls" are now the must-have accessory when making my fruit and iced tea popsicles!

Ahh, Honey Pearls.  Now that's what I call luxury in a tea cup...

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