Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TWHS Reviews Little Miss Fuzzy Head Happy Hair Fusion

So far, 2013 has been a test of faith and resilience for me. Add to it I always take a leap of faith in the month of April, shedding old habits and trying new things. That would explain my head-to-toe revival, as I embrace the spring wind in my hair. 

The folks at Little Miss Fuzzy Head shipped me a jar of their Happy Hair Fusion for review. While I have tried other natural hair product lines, I was still feeling a little underwhelmed by the results. Natural hair care should NOT be a science project, and I for one like to keep things simple and fuss-free (wash, moisturize and be done with it!), so I was eager to see what their Happy Hair Fusion would do. 

I'll start off with what it is made from: all-natural, biotic nutrients that are free of all the usual suspects: artificial colors, mineral oil, parabens, perfumes or petroleum. The scent is pleasantly soft, with no overpowering fragrances.  The texture is creamy and manageagable.  What I love most is the enclosed pamphlet that explains the breakdown of exactly how much product you should use.  For my shorter hair, only one palm full is necessary.

Simple instructions continue telling you that the Hair Fusion is rubbed into your hands and applied throughout freshly-washed hair: Check.  Next, your hair is sectioned and untangled with a wide tooth comb, followed by brushing with a nylon brush to distribute evenly.

Twists are my style du jour as of late for my hair, so much so that I foresee the changing season still will have me doing nightly preparation to take on the next day.  Far from the wash-and-go style I am accustomed to, but overnight drying makes it worthwhile.

The end result; spring coils with definition, crunch-free hold, no shrinkage and less frizz!  I do see myself allowing spring winds to blow through my hair...

And here's a little incentive for you: purchase and review Little Miss Fuzzy head on Amazon and receive a 2oz jar FREE!

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  1. I am always trying new products on my natural hair as well. This is a great review. I went to Amazon for more info and to place an order, but the shipping kills it for me.