Saturday, April 6, 2013

TWHS Reviews Darlene's Tea Port Perfect Spoons

Perfectionista is my middle name. Whether it's associated with the folding and colorization of bath towels in my linen closet or descending dress sleeves hanging in my closet, it is the world in which I live. Okay, maybe it's more OCD than anything, but perfectionista sounds better to me...

The same holds true for my tea regimen. Which is why I was so happy when Darlene's Tea Port shipped me both their 1 Perfect Cup of Tea and 1 Perfect Pot of Tea measuring spoons for review. Finally, no more scrounging for my measuring set of spoons to measure out my loose teas! Let's face it, the art of tea needs its own accoutrements, reserved just for the occasion. The stainless steel spoons are heavy and inscribed with the words 1 Cup of Perfect Tea and 1 Pot of Perfect Tea.  While the spoon for the perfect cup measuring spoon is self-explanatory, the perfect pot measures out 3-4 cups of tea.

Whether your loose teas are fine or larger flowering type, the scooped bowl will measure out the correct amount of tea - wait for it - perfectly!

The spoons are ideal for gifting a hostess of a spring brunch or garden party.  Because if her tea time isn't perfect, what's the point?

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