Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TWHS Reviews The Little Black Dress


Ask any woman about the LBD hanging in her closet, and she will be able to quickly tell you its style, the event(s) she wore it to and the way it makes her feel. 

There is a book titled The Little Black Dress that captures all of that and more; it details the inspirational journey of a young woman's path from hopelessness to healing.  A compact read that can be completed in one afternoon (with a big impact ending) it is perfect for any woman - from tweens to elders -  as the ideal holiday gift.   If you happen to be a member of a woman's book club,  support group or afternoon tea, it is a must-read!

Written by Amanda Graybill, the fictional novel is the basis of her service organization Little Black Dress Society, which she based on her personal experience with abuse to give hope to women who are suffering in silence.

The acronym LBD also stands for the organization's mantra Love, Believe, Dream,  and the mission is to raise funds and awareness to end domestic violence.  Through her cause, Graybill hopes to remove the blindfold that hides the shame of abuse.  

They say big things come in small packages, and I thoroughly enjoyed the message contained in this jewel of a book.   Much like an LBD, every woman should invest in one.

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