Friday, October 26, 2012

Petition For Domestic Violence Awareness Within The NFL

On any given Sunday, Monday or Thursday, NFL fans are glued to their TVs and mobile devices in dedicated support of their favorite team. And although the sport is a testosterone-driven machine, players throughout the league this month have been accenting their uniforms with pink gloves, towels and cleats in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Most of the athletes are personally affected by breast cancer. The pink apparel is a powerful way to get support, but it makes domestic violence the underdog when it comes to creating awareness to an audience of millions tuning in.

While lives are traumatically affected by the wrath of breast cancer, domestic violence destroys families and even careers, as wide receiver Chad Johnson's short-lived signing with the Miami Dolphins ended with him head-butting his bride Evelyn Johnson. But the latest devastation involving murders of innocent co-workers in the Wisconsin mass shooting proves that any of us can be affected.

Nicole Lofton is throwing a Hail Mary pass to the NFL by creating a petition to get them to add the color purple for Domestic Violence awareness in October. As it stands, her petition needs 1,955 signatures, so please add your voice today by clicking here.

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  1. Thank You so much for your support and writing about the petition!