Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TWHS Reviews Lip Strip From Laura Geller

With mid-40 temps, September mornings are already giving me the cold shoulder here in Upstate. With this kiss of crisp air, my thoughts turn to insulated curtain panels, hot cocoa and the arrival of dreaded chapped lips. So I'm now blowing Laura Geller - the second best-selling cosmetic line at QVC - stiletto kisses for shipping me their Lip Strip for review.
The lip scrub is a creamy base containing natural Brazilian sugar with cooling peppermint. Upon its arrival, I dipped my finger into the sugary mixture. Light and airy, it is the complete opposite of the greasiness/waxiness often found with lip balms. Swirling in a circular pattern, the peppermint isn't overpowering (unlike my husband's lip balm, that always leave me feeling like I just received some type of lip injection). But I digress...

Simple yet effective, the 1 oz jar of pink scrub preps for the prettiest pout. More importantly, I'm finding out that it helps keep my lips from flaking underneath my favorite matte lipstick. Did I mention it's natural and edible? And makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the fashionista on your list.
Dip, swirl on, exfoliate, wash off and pucker up!

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