Monday, July 9, 2012

TWHS Reviews däv rain Pagoda Umbrella

There is not one drop of rain expected for an entire week in the forecast, yet I'm still covered by däv rain's weatherproof luxury line. Their Pagoda Umbrella was shipped to me for review, which is perfect timing to protect me from the blistering rays of this summer's heatwave. 

With Asian inspired detailing, it's dipped in a sky blue hue that's reminiscent of Tiffany boxes.  I so see myself gripping the wooden handle, its pole cradled on my shoulder as I venture out to summer festivals. 

But more importantly, it is the perfect accessory to have on a tropical jaunt, throwing shade on a head-to-toe white bikini and sarong ensemble while sipping on a straw-clad coconut drink...

Now where's my cabana boy?!!

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  1. Love the post Felicia! It is a fab color, glad you are enjoying it! Xoxo!