Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TWHS Reviews Shake and Seed From Outside Pride

Now that the heat of the season has kicked in, I may have to create an Amber Alert for my Penny Black seeds which should have germinated by now. To add to my angst, they were so small that I hope they landed in the soil instead of being windblown when I planted them. So in the meantime, how does my garden grow?

Quite creatively.  Outside Pride shipped me a bottle of their Shake and Seed for review. The blend of rich soil, gardening sand, water-absorbing crystals and starter fertilizer prepares your flower bed like a well-seasoned garden! The reusable bottle shaker is best for ground covers (like the teeny Penny Black seeds that are MIA).

I chose a combination of pink and orange Portulaca (Moss Rose) from their inventory of seeds to add to the mixture, which is sprinkled atop the soil matrix and shaken vigorously to blend.

The germination of the seeds will take at least 4 weeks, but I'm eagerly awaiting the pop of colorblocking for a very fashionable garden!

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