Saturday, May 5, 2012

TWHS Reviews God Save My Shoes


Just the other day, I had a spirited exchange with Oprah's OWN Network on Twitter after they tweeted me the statement, "We sure have a love for shoes, too!" If you're a woman who has ever slipped her feet into a pair of heels, you understand. 

For the past month, I have been sharing with you clips of God Save My Shoes, the first documentary to explore the relationship women have with their shoes. When I was contacted by Caid Productions to inform me that I would be receiving an early screening copy of the film, I clicked my 130mm stilettos in glee!  The documentary will be released on May 8 across more than 30 VOD and pay-per-view platforms in the U.S. and Canada. 

It is a three-year labor of love for Writer/Director Julie Benasra and Executive Producer Thierry Daher, interviewing Parisian and U.S. shoe lovers, experts and shoe designers Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Walter Steiger, to name a few. 

Needless to say, it is 70 minutes of stilettoed nirvana, especially when you get a glimpse into one of the THREE fantasy shoe closets of poker pro Beth Shak (which puts Carrie Bradshaw's collection to shame). I will give Shak credit; if you're going to own that type of habit, it has to be color-coordinated and organized!! 

God Save My Shoes chronicles how women's love affair with shoes continues to be an evolution of expression. From shoe fanatics to fetishists, chopines to six-inch skyscraper heels, heels are a sign of status, power and intrigue. 

The proof is also in the purchases of shoes by U.S. women, stated in the documentary that we buy an average of 7-8 pairs of new shoes annually. I wonder if that figure include the pairs we hide from our spouses in the closet?!! 

The question of who created the stiletto is still a topic of debate, decades after its arrival in the early 50s. From its soaring rise on the feet of flappers to screen bombshells, the symbollic shape of the stiletto leads down a path of fantasy and eroticism to this day. If you don't believe me, just try to think of the last time you were asked to wear your flats to bed... 

God Save My Shoes is a thrill ride and a delectable gift for any woman who knows the power of shoes. And to celebrate the May 8 release, join their e-mail list now to receive an electronic goodie bag that contains the following treats:

~ Official soundtrack of God Save My Shoes in MP3 format 
~ Various photos and wallpapers compatible with all mobile phones/devices 
~ 20% discount towards the purchase of the DVD 

What a beautiful Mother's Day gift it would be, placed inside of a shoe box along with shoes from her favorite designer.

As I said in my tweet back to OWN Network, not only is our love for shoes a universal language, it's multi-generational amongst women, which we speak fluently!

Footnote: You can also enter the code GSMS4EVER on their online boutique to receive a 20% discount on the DVD!

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