Saturday, May 19, 2012

TWHS Reviews Flat Out of Heels Rollable Flats

When we women need to heel ourselves from the pain of clubbing or traveling, the solution is as convenient as a candy bar.

Flat Out of Heels, the rollable ballet flats, contacted me to test-strut their stiletto relief. So what makes them different from the other portable flats clogging the market?

FLAT OUTS are available in vending machines within the top metropolitan cities of Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, LA and Vegas. So I guess you can say they are dispensable "foot candy"; HA! Talk about "break glass in case of emergency"!

Dawn Dixon created the concept last year after realizing firsthand that even the cutest shoes have an expiration time on our feet. So she will be "rolling" out her vending machines in places where well-heeled women tend to congregate in heights of fashion: airports, clubs, convention centers and concerts. Available in the metallic hues of gold, silver, red and black patent, I was shipped the leopard print style.

Packaged in a little black box, the FLAT OUTS are tightly rolled and comes with a drawstring shoe bag to store your heels when it's time to switch out.

I was surprised to see that they sport crimson soles, which, according to the company, have not caused a certain Parisian designer to see red. The fit is comfortable for my size 7Ms, even though they are sized as just S, M, or L.

The footbeds could have more cushioning, but for emergency footwear, they're not meant to have on all day long. I can see how these emergency flats will compliment any solid neon or crisp summer white ensembles I'll wear to concerts or festivals, because being the poster child for germaphobia, you'll NEVER see me going barefoot on a public floor!


  1. I'm looking for a flat for my wedding reception. Do you think these would hold up? Also, did you find it true to size? I'm right in between an L and XL (depending on the shoes, I'm either a 10.5 or 11). Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Cushioning isn't the best, so here is my suggestion:

  2. how did u feel about the rolling? Because I just recently purchae one but I feel like they are not as compact as they claim to be. Like if I were to go clubbing these babies wouldnt be able to come with me because if thye ever fitted in my clutch I wouldnt be able to put anything else! Or do u use them for something else?