Monday, March 12, 2012

TWHS Reviews Head Over Heels Night Shirt From Trendy Treasures Online

PJ Salvage Head Over Heels Night Shirt from Trendy Treasures Online

Some prefer to count sheep before bed, I prefer to count high heels: one Blahnik, two Blahnik, three Blahnik... ~Qiana Markham

We women can dream, can't we? So naturally when Trendy Treasures Online shipped me the PJ Salvage Head Over Heels Thermal Night Shirt for review, I clicked my 130mm heels in glee.

Made from a divinely comfortable velour thermal fabric that's crafted of a waffle-textured, cotton/poly blend (67% cotton, 33% polyester), the henley neckline and long sleeves with banded cuffs convert it into stylish loungewear.

And the shoes, glorious shoes! Contrasting pastel peep-toe pumps, mules and animal prints make for a canvas of high heel expression.

Perfect for the shoe addict in your life, it's comfortable enough for slumber, yet appropriate work attire for blogging in heels!

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