Friday, March 30, 2012

TWHS Reviews Françoise Weeks Botanical Couture

I have just died and gone to shoe heaven...

Françoise Weeks just became my official Shoe Fairy. After discovering her botanical jewels, she created this stunning botanical shoe for my bridal tea!!!!

The Oregon florist extraordinaire has a green thumb beyond anyone I have ever seen. Weeks' artistry is in such demand that she offers workshops to teach others how to create their own works of art.

But her designs are not limited to vases or oasis floral foam. My shoe is part of her Botanical Couture Collection, a crafting of moss, orchids, chicks succulents and leaf-wrapped heel, molded onto the shape of a high heel shoe; genius!

Aside from tea parties, Botanical Couture designs will make perfect centerpieces for wedding receptions, garden parties and birthday bashes. And for those whose weakness is handbags, she designs those, too!

After my bridal tea, I want to treasure my shoe by literally putting it on a pedestal, on a shelf in my office. When I asked how I would be able to preserve it, Weeks advises on spritzing every day. But due to the fact that it's made from botanical material that does not have a constant water source, that means that there is a limited lifespan.

As Weeks told me, "My creations are something to be enjoyed in the moment - just like food and good wine!"

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