Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TWHS Reviews E. Guittard Cocoa Powder from Flour Confections

Of all the things I love about my future husband, the one thing that makes him special is that he eats dessert first. Literally. And while I have to put my foot down on his consumption due to his diabetes, I do occasionally strap on the apron in order to satisfy his sweet tooth.

I was delighted when Flour Confections, a baker's heaven of confectionery supplies and delights (they sell edible ink; who knew?!), shipped me a canister of E. Guittard Cococa Rouge Cocoa Powder for review.

Can I just say OMG! Popping open the canister's metal top brought back memories of the hot cocoa mix I grew up with. But that's where the similarities end. The aroma of the deep reddish powder is just the beginning of the experience. Scooping out the powder shows that it is indeed the highest quality of powder for baking. To aid me in in this bipolar weather pattern we're having (which has cursed me with an unwelcome attack of allergies), I decided to start our experience by making hot cocoa.

The taste is better than any hot cocoa I've had! I can only describe it as a fudgesicle in a mug:

Now if I can only restrain from dipping into it to make brownies and cookies this weekend.

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