Saturday, January 14, 2012

TWHS Reviews Save Your Sole Lambswool Insoles

If there was ever a bona fide test of a product, it was Friday the 13th's 4-inch winter whiteout, accessorized with a blanket of 35mph winds.

When I received a sample of pair of Save Your Sole 100% lambswool insoles for review, the weather was more conducive to an early April day, so I reluctantly waited for appropriate temperatures. Made from 100% lambswool, the insoles are customizable to fit in any pair of your shoes, sneakers or boots you decide on.

With Mother Nature slapping me into reality yesterday, I did what most throughout the East coast did; layered up and braced myself. As the future hubby and I experienced a slippery ride to buy groceries, my toes were snug as a bug with the lambswool insoles placed inside of my däv rain boots.

After kissing him off to work, I proceeded to test the limits of the insoles with the dreaded task of shoveling. Donning my thermal underwear-insulated outfit - DKNY puffer (birthday) jacket, cable knit leggings and trapper hat - I braved the 4-degree wind chill, scarf unraveling from my face, thanks to the audacity of the brisk winds. My only weather wardrobe meltdown was my gloves, because the insoles kept my feet warm. And anyone who lives in sub-zero winters will tell you, your feet and your head HAVE to stay protected.

The end result? Save Your Sole lambswool insoles are weather-tested; Stiletto-Intellectual-approved. As for my shoveling, it got as far as the front pathway, porch and back stairs. The driveway was left for the FH, as I need to save my hands for my other talents...

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