Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TWHS Reviews My Pretty Office

This season seems to be bringing a harvest of writing and editing. Just yesterday I received an inquiry from an aspiring writer asking for help with their first book. Which means if I'll be spending more time at a desk, it might as well be from the comfort of my own corner office.

So when the online boutique of must-have desk accessories and office supplies called My Pretty Office shipped me a pencil cup for review, it was a clear sign that my days were not only getting busier, but prettier! And I love their slogan, "Work Never Looked So Good!™"

I was pleasantly surprised when the package arrived; a complimentary pen and mini spiral notepad, all tied up in a pretty bow, had me feeling prettier right away. As for the cup itself, it's truly not your cubicle pencil cup; their Retro Lace Pencil Cup is a feminine way to display my tools of the trade. It's the perfect pop of chicness atop my newly-painted desk in noir. Whether you have a French, traditional or modern office, its white-coated metal composition will coordinate easily.

As my Swarovski-tipped black pencils and stainless steel Sharpie await the newest addition of a Tiffany writing pen, let's hope Santa received not only the letter requesting it, but also the tweet and DM.

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  1. Being a bit newer to Blogging at the time of this review, we didn't properly acknowledge your review here! We at My Pretty Office so appreciate your wonderful comments about our products and your continued support of My Pretty Office! I too have a thing for shoes Felicia! Sue