Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TWHS Reviews My Brazilian Shoes

Six months from now, I'll be stepping into the shoes of a newly-married woman. Seeing that I have never been one to dream of the circus-like antics that usually are synonymous with wedding planning (long train, short tempers and way too many bridesmaids), my big day will be a simple and private affair, ending with my pedicured toes digging into some beach sand.

So when My Brazilian Shoes, the online store with the best shoes from Brazil contacted me to review a pair of flip flops, I clicked my heels in glee!

Perfect for my upcoming day, they have a style called The Brides. Dripping in pearls, The Brides will carry me from pre-wedding errands to a blissful beach sunset.

They are adorable bridesmaid gifts for those who will have bridesmaids. For me, they definitely qualify as my "something new"!

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