Friday, October 21, 2011

Jimmy Choo XV: 15 Years At The Height of Fashion

Talk about your tabletop jewelry. Tamara Mellon is commemorating her 15-year milestone of dressing our feet with a beautiful coffee table book titled Jimmy Choo XV.

Highlighting 15 iconic (favorite) shoes, the book includes sketches, ad campaigns and actresses in Choos.

As the CEO and brain behind the brand, Mellon is more than a shoe lover. Sales from the book will fund Mellon's charitable organization Jimmy Choo Foundation, which will give a platform to gender discrimination, equal pay, sexism, sex slave trade and domestic violence.

"The reason I started Jimmy Choo is obviously I'm passionate about fashion. But also a big drive for me was my independence and freedom, and I think that's a big issue that I want to teach women because it gives them their independence," Mellon tells Vogue TV.

"10% of the net proceeds of the ICON shoes will go into the foundation, so that's our first project to kick it off," she concludes.

The book is available for pre-order now, but by the release date of February 7, it will truly be a gift full of heart and sole.

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