Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TWHS Reviews Lesruba Weddings' Bridal Apron

The future hubby and I made out our Thanksgiving menu the other night to include a union of lifelong family recipes: his father's dressing and my grandmother's macaroni and cheese and banana pudding. With it being one of many "firsts" for us, it will also be a first in our tag team cuisine, namely with the anticipation of him dusting off his never-before-used turkey fryer. I'm praying it will be a Gene Kelly/Ginger Rogers seamless tango versus a Lucy/Ricky episode.

While I haven't figured out what frock I'll be wearing, I do know what will be wrapped around it, thanks to the gracious folks at Lesruba Weddings, who shipped me a He Put A Ring On It Apron from their bridal apron collection. Available in white, yellow and khaki, the cotton-poly twill blend apron has an adjustable slide at the neck and ample waist ties for making a pretty little bow.

Aside from the 24" length, what I really like about the apron is the three deep pockets, which provide convenient compartments for utensils or paper towels for quick wipe-ups.

Thanksgiving will be a memorable day that consists of the Dallas Cowboys game, breaking bread, celebrating our nest and engaging in family traditions while making our own. For better or for worse, I'm making sure the fire extinguisher is only a step away.

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