Friday, September 30, 2011

TWHS Reviews Anastasia Beauty Express Brow Kit

I leave certain jobs to the experts: bathroom renovations, 5K runs, root canals. And rarely do I have the nerve to indulge in DIY beauty maintenance (the thought of my hair turning a vivid shade of a Skittle keeps me running to the salon for color).

But when I was shipped the Anastasia Beauty Express Kit to review, I figured if she was good enough to create Lady O's arches, the kit was definitely worth a DIY try.

If eyebrows are supposed to drape the eyes, I have been living a life with sheers. With subtle and fine brows, I left it up to monthly trips to the salon or book signing events to have definition. Other than that, they are wisps of a statement, as seen below:

The Anastasia Beauty Express Kit consists of brow wax cream, 5 stencils (to choose from to match your natural arch), 2 shades of brow powder, two shades of eye shadow and 1 angled brush applicator. With shades specifically for brunettes, the lighter brow powder shade did nothing against my skin tone, so I opted for the darker shade. The instructions are easy breezy: the detailed stencils show where to align against your face, with marked points matching the center of your eye.

Due to the smaller frame of my face, I chose the Petite Arch stencil. The entire application was rather elementary: apply the eye wax to the eyebrow area, place the stencil over it, fill in the cutout with the powder using the angled brush, remove stencil and pluck the hairs around the defined arch with your personal tweezers.

Here is the end result:

Once completed, I think I should have chosen a fuller stencil. But unlike a bathroom renovation, I can always redo it at no extravagant cost...

Being the poster child for the high def version of ADD, I was never still enough to sit and watch the instructional vid, but click here to view it for yourself.

Footnote: Anastasia of Beverly Hills' products have recently been added to all Sephora stores in the United States.

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