Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stuart Weitzman Steps It Up With Charitable Celebrities On Fashion's Night Out

Michelle Trachtenberg For Stuart Weitzman

There will be a literal running of the heels next week, as Fashion's Night Out brings out the well-heeled and fabulous.

On September 8, Stuart Weitzman will the frontrunner causing the stir with his Young Hollywood Cares Shoe Collection collaboration with Hollywood starlets. Michelle Trachtenberg and Hayden Panettiere will make a personal appearance with Weitzman at his flagship store at 625 Madison Avenue to commemorate the annual Fashion's Night Out, while benefitting ovarian cancer research.

Hayden Panettiere For Stuart Weitzman

Below is the feathered design of Olivia Palermo (my fave!) and lace oxford platform design of Scarlett Johansson. All proceeds from the Young Hollywood Cares Shoe Collection will be donated to the research of Dr. Marsha A. Moses, the Director of the Folkman Institute in Boston.

The Young Hollywood Collection shoes will be available for purchase at Weitzman's New York (Madison Avenue & 5th Avenue) boutique, Beverly Hills (Rodeo Drive) and Chicago (Michigan Avenue) boutiques, as well as his online boutique.


  1. I saw a segment about Stuart Weitzman's designs for celebrities and for charity on E!News. I do love the fact that they're all different, and I'll have to agree on my favorite design. I love the red and black color combination, and while I'm not usually a fan of strappy heels with no platform, I think these work well. The heel is tall enough to avoid the "old-school" kitten heel wedding-style strappy sandal. The lack of platform leaves a classy demeanor to the shoe without taking away any of its power. The red feathers give it a sexy look, but still remain classy.

    The oxford shoe designed for Scarlette Johanson is probably my least favorite. You described it as lace, which I didn't know prior, but I also can't see any lace. I don't especially like it because it doesn't really LOOK like Stuart Weitzman designed it. He's such a prominent and prestigious designer, but this shoe looks like it could have been made by a wholesale, non-designer company. I do like the choice of red color because most oxford shoes I see are usually black, brown, or some kind of neutral color. It could be a contrasting twist between a classical oxford shoe with the modern, statement-like color of bright red.

    The ankle boot for Hayden Panettiere is a gorgeous, classic Stuart Weitzman inspired and produced boot. The structure of its sole is just as the pump above it, with a platform and a tall, skinny heel. The fabric Weitzman uses in his boots is something to note, something that sets them apart from other boots of the sort. Its stretchy-like material is classic yet comfortable.

  2. Thanks for your comment. In regards to Johansson's lace oxford, it refers to lace-up, not fabric.