Saturday, July 30, 2011

TWHS Reviews LOVA Tea

Tea; it's not just for tea cups anymore...

I have been sipping the good life, ever since receiving samples from LOVA Tea, a chic treasure chest of loose leaf teas and signature tea-based drinks, in flavors that seduce even the most rigid tea drinker.

Besides filling your tea cup, LOVA tea is beginning a collection created to fill the hopes of specific charities. Their Charity Collection was launched by actor Chris Noth's Sweet Florida Dream blend to benefit Rainforest Action Network.

I am personally hooked on Mango Mango, a mango/blackberry rooibos blend that gives my summer breakfasts a tropical start! I'm also quenching my midday thirst by freezing the tea into diamond-shaped ice using my Cool Jewels ice tray, putting bling in a tall glass of iced tea- mangolicious!

And don't get me started on the marteanis I'll be making for an August event...

So no matter what your personal tea preference is - herbal, oolong, organic, green, chai, rooibos, black (or the upcoming white) - you will end up with fabulous flavor in a cup.

Or a tall, sexy glass.

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