Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TWHS Reviews FragranceNet.com

Mmm, that's a pleasant perfume; not loud or overpowering...

That was my BF's response after hugging me the other day. Proof that not only is pheromone-induced love in the air, but so is Lovely, the scent from Sarah Jessica Parker. And while it's not a new fragrance, it is one of the many classic, spring-perfect scents at FragranceNet.com - the leading online retailer of discounted genuine brand-name fragrances - that I had to choose from for review.

After a winter of wearing heavier scents chocked with patchouli, mandarin, bergamont and baie rose, Lovely is an airy eau de parfum spray whose blend consists of several layered notes of amber, lavender, orchid, musk and apple. Wearing it is the equivalent to slipping on a new pair of slingbacks for spring; refreshing, lighter - lovelier.

Now that the winter of record-breaking chill factors is a distant memory, I'm so happy to be putting some Spring in my step!

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