Friday, February 4, 2011

WIN THIS: King Arthur Flour Cocoa Rouge Cocoa Powder!

It's been a while since someone made me blush. Well, if you don't count that twirt (flirt in the form of a tweet) I received two weeks ago. But thanks to the gracious folks at King Arthur Flour, I'm blushing all over my lipstick-stained mug!

The premiere emporium for bakers shipped me a bag of their Cocoa Rouge Dutch-Process Cocoa for review. Oh my Lady Gaga...

It's just like the company touts it to be! With an intense bittersweet character, rich, deep-red color, robust, fudge-like flavor and full chocolate essence, it sounds like the description of my dream man. Hmmmm.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah; cocoa rouge cocoa powder. Here is where you can join in on the bliss; we're giving you a chance to win* a 1lb bag! Here is what you have to do to be eligible to win:

~ Follow me on Twitter

~ Tweet this message: @KingArthurFlour and @wellheeled are making my hot cocoa blush this Valentine's Day!

A winner will be selected on Tuesday, February 8. Good luck!

I have sooo many recipes to use the cocoa powder in. This weekend will be enhanced with Sparkling Cocoa Drops (from the cookbook Desserts 4 Today), and after a week of snow shoveling, this morning I rewarded myself with a mug of hot cocoa.

From the Joy of Baking, here is the simply sensational hot cocoa recipe I used my Cocoa Rouge Cocoa Powder in:

Hot Cocoa Recipe:

3/4 cup (180 ml) milk (skim, 2%, or whole)

1 tablespoon of King Arthur Flour Cocoa Rouge Cocoa Powder

1 tablespoon granulated white sugar

2 tablespoons of cream or milk

For Garnish:

Marshmallows or softly whipped cream

Hot Cocoa: Place the milk in a small saucepan over medium heat until it is nice and hot.

Meanwhile in your mug or cup, make a paste with the cocoa powder, sugar, and cream. Pour the hot milk into the cocoa paste and stir until combined and smooth. You can place the hot cocoa in your blender (or use an immersion blender) to make it nice and foamy.

*US residents only.


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