Saturday, February 19, 2011

National Sleep-In Day

Guess who has been participating in the festivities of National Sleep-In Day, organized by PJ Salvage? Aside from unwinding and unplugging, it brings awareness to the Pajama Program, a non-profit organization that provides PJs and books to children in orphanges, shelters and group homes throughout the country. Kudos to PJ Salvage, who will be donating 500 sets of PJs to the Pajama Program during this weekend!

But in true overachieving fashion, I feel my day would bear more weight if it had begun with breakfast in bed, along with the feel of cotton sateen PJs brushing against my skin atop 1000 thread-count sheets, as the buttons from my Horchow tufted headboard openly flirt with my bed head hair...

Dream on.

But to bring some reality to the subject at hand, PJ Salvage is giving five lucky participants a chance to win a PJ Salvage National Sleep-In Day Gift Pack!

To enter, click here!

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