Friday, December 3, 2010

TWHS Reviews The Chasseur Round Dutch Oven

Now that my traditional Thanksgiving leftovers are all but a distant memory, I'm tightening up my apron strings and digging my heels into traveling the horizon of new recipes.

But in true fashion, I'm not approaching it blandly. Like life, I feel you need to turn up the vibrancy to make the task, well, brighter. I was so appreciative when the gracious folks at Paderno shipped me their 6 3/4 quart yellow round Dutch oven for review.

The company is globally-renowned for their professional cookware and kitchen utensils. Along with receiving a prestigious award (Excellence Certificate by Certiquality), they have collaborated with World Cuisine, Inc. to handle the shipping and distribution of their products.

From a rainbow of colors in the Chasseur line, the Dutch ovens range from 1 3/4 quart to 6 3/4 quarts in size. They are durable, twice-enameled multi-taskers for the chef. Whether you're braising, simmering or stewing, they're perfect for tenderizing your meats. And seeing that it's all about my un-mellow yellow phase, the yellow oven was the perfect addition to my sun-drenched fluted pie plate, kitchen accessories and half apron.

So what was my first recipe challenge? Sylvia's Restaurant Chicken and Rice Perlow sounded too good to pass up, as the previous recipes I've made from her cookbook have been easy, breezy and addictively GOOD!

After marinating the chicken overnight, the kitchen came alive with the scent of seasonings and anticipation. As I went through the steps of simmering, it became clear how much cooking is the ultimate aromatherapy.

The final result? It was GONE before I could take pictures of the plated dish! My testers were asking me for an encore pot of the chicken and rice perlow as they ate. Who needs fast food or microwave meals when a slow-cooked, home-cooked dish warms "soles"?

Proof that my Dutch oven will be brightening up my kitchen for many meals to come.

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