Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TWHS Reviews Champagne Raspberry White Tea From Georgia Tea Company

I love me some tea. Even when International Champagne Day rolled around, I found a way to celebrate it amidst the international popping of bottles heard around the world.

Oh, how I felt a like a little kid on Christmas Eve when Georgia Tea Company shipped me a sample of their champagne tea for review! The company carries an impressive line of assorted gourmet teas, accessories and teaware. They also sent me their brilliant jewels of Amber Sugar Crystals, which is sugar in its most natural form.

After five minutes of brewing one tablespoon of the loose tea in my favorite teacup, the result was a light infusion of white tea, raspberry and champagne. If I was looking for an effervescent experience, I didn't get it. Instead, the tea lends more towards being a refreshing beverage to brew with a mild treat.

What stood out for me was the raspberry notes, as the tea is a light and aromatic alternative to my herbal tea. Although I don't see it as a daily consumption, I do look forward to enjoying the champagne tea on special occasions, like Christmas morning.

But it's good to know that at the start of cold and flu season, drinking white tea has its benefits:

* Higher antioxidants than black and green tea

* Helps the immune system ward off bacteria and viruses

* It is void of side affects in the battle of cancer cells and prevention of the development of new ones

* Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol

What would be better than raising your teacup to toast Christmas morning? George Gissing's quote says it best:

"The mere chink of cups and saucers tunes the mind to happy repose."

Footnote: For a truly celebratory Christmas morning, pair your champagne tea with French Toast Scones.

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