Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TWHS Reviews Paris, a la Harney & Sons Tea

Sometimes a girl just needs to get away...

Computer glitches, delayed e-mail correspondence for events and an unheavenly hormonal arrival. Helloooooo Monday meltdown!

A vacay is always the first thought at a time like this. Of course, a fall European escape sounds delicious, albeit unrealistic right now for me. Or is it?

As an official sponsor of my book, Harney & Sons Fine Tea has an extensive line of gourmet teas in your choice of loose or sachets. They were gracious enough to ship me their 20ct tin of Paris sachets for review. Paris?! How fabuleux!

I have never been to Paris, France, the city of affluence, culture and romance. So I have appropriately positioned a trip at the top of my Bucket List, and my plan is to absorb myself in Rosetta Stone, pocket guides and Parisian etiquette.

Harney & Sons' Paris Tea is a black tea with a hint of lemon bergamot, the first in my collection of tea consumption. I was all smiles when I opened up the attractive tin. The heady scent of citrus and spiciness from the sachets was a seductive introduction. After brewing my first cup, I sat back and breathed in the aroma. Ooh la la!

After experiencing Paris for the first time, the end result was beautiful layers of fruits and vanilla, which turns out to be much richer than my daily morning cup of herbal tea. The bergamot does not overpower, yet I still found myself Mmming every time I took a sip of the rich amber liquid. I see how it will be chosen over any urge to make a hot cup of cocoa on winter mornings.

J'adore, Paris! I now declare you the LBD of my tea collection.

For a sweet holiday idea, Harney & Sons has a gift set called Paris Gift of Tea. Perfect for the chic fashionista in your life, it includes this savory assortment of delicacies packed in a blue gift box and tied with ribbon:

~ A 20ct sachet tin of Paris Tea
~ A 250 gm jar of all-flower honey, imported from France
~ A 4.5oz package of almond Dragees
~ A 4.40 oz package of Palmiers au Beurre (puff pastry biscuit)
~ A 2.8 oz pacakge of Paris Caramels
~ A Paris themed journal

Ah, Paris; wrapped up in a pretty bow.

Who needs Calgon, when Paris can take you away?

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