Friday, September 3, 2010

If The Shoe Fits, Eau Fling It!

It's no secret that I am single. Relatives remind me on a regular basis. Just last week, my beloved uncle advised me that the reason I am not married is because "I'm not trying to be." And he's right. The only thing I am trying to be is the complete person I was created to be. Everything - in its season - will be attracted to me exactly at the right time.

So when the company Harvey and Prince contacted me to test out their new scent called Eau Fling, I had nothing to lose.

Infused with black currant, plum, raspberry, apple, vanilla, orange and jasmine, I was intrigued. And suddenly craving a fruit cobbler. But it also touts that the notes of pumpkin pie, lavender and pink grapefruit will have the fellas flocking. And here I thought the smell of pigskin in the air was the ultimate scent...

Yesterday was my first day of wearing Eau Fling, so I headed to my second home; the supermarket. Amidst the late summer displays of fruit, aisles of way-too-early-Halloween displays and dodging carts, I was happy to snag some juicy peaches. But that was about the highlight of the trip. Who knows; maybe Mr. Right was in Aisle 5 while I was in Aisle 7?

To get your chance at winning a sample of the love potion, post a comment on your most memorable first meeting with a guy that came out smelling like a rose (we all tend try to forget the ones that stink!). A winner will be selected
at random.

All I know is the scent is pleasanty wearable. I sure hope it comes with a built-in repellent for bad boys, married men and the men on the down-low, though. And should it attract that special guy, I will let you know-

After I call my uncle.

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